Click on the tabs below to view local, international and international non-governmental peacebuilding organisations working in Yemen.

Mapping of local organisations

Insight on Conflict has mapped a significant number of local peacebuilding organisations in Yemen, working across the country on a wide range of issues. The mapping has been completed by our Local Peacebuilding Expert in Yemen. 

However, because of the recent full-scale military operations in the country, and the continuing likelihood of serious armed violence, there is a clear risk to publishing information on local peacebuilding organisations. We have no wish to endanger such groups by providing information on their work for the benefit of those who would use violence against them. As such, we have decided not make this information publicly available.

Contacting local groups: request and review

If you do wish to access our mapping of local peacebuilding organisations in Yemen, please contact us with full details of your background and a clear explanation for your interest in peacebuilding in Yemen.

We will respond to your request and then send it to each group for individual review. If these groups are happy to share details of their work with you, we will gladly give you full access to our database, and work with you to support locally-led peacebuilding in Yemen.

In the meantime, we are actively researching more organisations and continuing to expand our knowledge of the local peacebuilding sector.

Yemen: peacebuilding info

As in other areas, we have a complete set of background information on peacebuilding in Yemen. Click on the buttons on this page to view our:

  • Conflict overview, providing a short introduction to the violence in Yemen.
  • List of key publications, providing in-depth insight into specific issues related to peace and security in the country.
  • Database of international NGOs and international organisations, which have until recently been operating in Yemen. We are working to verify the status of their projects, but as the situation on the ground is changing rapidly, we thank you for your understanding if this information changes.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our work covering local peacebuilding in Yemen, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.