Network for Building Peace Western Balkans

Based in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Network for Building Peace is made up of 63 members. Each of the members are leading peace and human rights organisations working in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Network exists to contribute to building a Bosnia-Herzegovina where conflicts are resolved non-violently. With this aim, they are creating frameworks for joint, coordinated activities of a number of civil society organisations, local government, the business sector, media and government institutions.

The Network has prepared a number of resources that provide information on different peace organisations in the region, including a 'Peace Calendar,' a Directory of donors and a monthly 'Peace Newsletter'. Network has contributed to the European Social Watch, and currently coordinates activities of five networks in communication with state institutions and the international community.

Network for Building Peace is influencing and contributing to concrete actions related to the following areas of public policy, which are recognised as crucial for long-term peace building in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Education;
  • Security;
  • Regional development;
  • Protection and promotion of human and minority rights;
  • Dealing with the past and transitional justice;
  • Gender equality;
  • Culture of public dialogue and democracy;
  • Strengthening civil society and building true peace;
  • Building trust between Bosnia-Herzegovina peoples and nations;
  • Constructive influence towards political structures in Bosnia-Herzegovina; and
  • Improving coexistence in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Last updated: July 2015