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Rido: clan feuds - and clan feud resolution

'Rido' in the Maranao language means clan feuds. But RIDO as an acronym is an organisation that aims to solve conflicts among clans. The Reconciliatory Initiatives for Development Opportunities (RIDO) Inc. is a seven-year-old organisation founded by people involved in peacebuilding, advocacy and development work.

It works to strengthen traditional structures, leaders and mechanisms for the prevention and resolution of family, clan and inter-ethnic conflicts, and for the promotion of a culture of peace.

RIDO works to help break the cycle of clan feuds, linking different clans of the four Confederations of Lanao in promoting a culture of peace. It is doing pioneering work in partnership with the formal security sectors, particularly providing training for cultural sensitivity and a culture of peace among combattants from the Filipino Army and Police.

The benefits of working with clans

Among certain groups in Mindanao, such as the Maranao ethnic group, organising peace work by clans helps in the resolution of family feuds and other conflicts. RIDO has resolved more than 200 major and potential conflicts in the past seven years, using a combination of traditional authorities and councils of elders together with community leaders, local government, and the security sector.

RIDO Inc. is focused on strengthening the ability of those councils of elders, and other informal and community actors, to support the reduction of rido, or conflict, in Lanao.

Issues related to rido include poverty, literacy and values formation, social inequality, underdevelopment and unemployment. RIDO also serves as a hub for the cooperation and pooling of clan and community efforts to work for peace and development.

In previous years, RIDO has successfully implemented several programmes on peace and conflict resolution funded by USAID and DFID through The Asia Foundation. It has also worked on programmes working on rehabilitation and psycho-social activities with children and women in areas affected by the 2003 and 2008 armed conflict in Lanao del Norte, in work funded by the EU. There was also a mini-grant from the US. Embassy which was successfully implemented by the organisation in relation to youth empowerment and preventing election-related violence.

Other small grants have been used for work on conflict management, youth programmes, and disaster preparedness.

Last updated: April 2015