Adat-Betad, Inc. Philippines

Key information

Address: 2/F Guiani Bldg., Almonte St., Cotabato City, Philippines 9600
Phone: +63 91 61 82 99 98

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'Adat' means customs and 'betad' means tradition. Adat-Betad has around a hundred volunteers and staff, largely based in Cotabato City, who work for peace, development and environmental protection in Mindanao. Working with local government and NGOs, it aims to eliminate discrimination and prejudice; the organisation uses the term Adat-Betad to mean respect for diversity.

Adat-Betad is committed to promoting peace and respect for the rights of every individual, working in particular with marginalised people including Moros (Muslim Filipinos), Lumads (indigenous Filipinos), and other people in Mindanao, as well as ensuring that they have access to basic necessities including food, clothing, shelter, health care, and education.

Last updated: May 2015