National Action Network Against Small Arms (RANCPAL) Mali

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Address: BP E 1497, Bamako, Mali
Phone: + 223 2216928

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National Action Network Against Small Arms (RANCPAL) is a national network of civil society organisations working against the proliferation of small arms in Mali. RANCPAL was established by 12 organisations hoping to combine their efforts against small arms. These organisations saw a growing phenomenon of insecurity in the country, rampant poverty and the new phenomenon of violence due to the use of light weapons. That desire resulted in the creation of a network in order to strive for peace through disarmament and the non proliferation of small and light weapons. The organisations were engaged to assist the authorities in understanding and managing the insecurity phenomenon due the circulation and small and light weapons in Mali in particular and West Africa in general.

The immediate objectives of RANCPAL are to:

  • Promote actions of NGOs which primarily intend to promote the safety of people and the creation a peaceful environment
  • Participate in a positive way to the success of the implementation of the resolutions of the consultations organised by the Government and its national partners.
  • Encourage the collection and destruction of weapons held by civilians.
  • Put in place a programme of support to the strengthening of good governance.
  • Request free collaboration of public authorities on the management of arms held illegally by people.
  • Engage in the decrease in the needs of individuals to be armed by ensuring and improving their safety and that of their property.
  • Promote education and primary school programmes supporting the culture of non-violence and peace

The network is involved in a number of capacity building, research and advocacy activities intended to strengthen peace in Mali.

Last updated: September 2016