Association for the Promotion of Women and Children in Mali (APROFEM) Mali

The Association for the Promotion of Women and Children in Mali (APROFEM) works primarily on women's and children's issues in Mali. It strives for overall peace and social justice, while focusing on the rights of its target group: strengthening their social, political and economic situation in order to provide truly sustainable livelihoods. Its overall vision is of the full integration of women as independent citizens, but working together as a driving force for social change.

APOFEM has run a number of major project in recent years:

  • Improving women's participation in the peace and reconciliation in Mali: with funding from the USA embassy this project focused on female victims of conflict. Activities included: advocacy, sensitisation, training, psychological support, and support for socio-professional integration.
  • Reflection on child rights in Mali: with support from the Malian and UK governments, this project intends to support existing structures for children's rights. Activities include: networking; advocacy on the education of girls; capitalisation and dissemination of good practices for children's education; and capacity strengthening.
  • Support for basic social services: this project involved training of teachers and developing school infrastructure. It was supported by the Netherlands government.
  • Support project for rural communities: with funding from the World Bank and Government of Mali, this project involved: Literacy training; purchasing school supplies; teacher salary support; and infrastructure.
  • Project support for migrant girls: activities under this project included: literacy training; culinary activities; procurement of school supplies.
  • Support project for the reintegration of child victims of cross-border traffic: in partnership with IOM and the government of Mali, this project supported young school girls and boys in a situation of post trafficking, and thier parents. Activities included: material support to children of school age; information and education of children and adolescents; support to parents for the education of children; support for the socio-professional insertion; and advocacy.

Last updated: September 2016