Human Effort for Love and Peace (HELP) Foundation, J&K Kashmir

Human Effort for Love and Peace (HELP) Foundation, J&K has worked in the state of Jammu and Kashmir since 1997. The mission of the Foundation is to strengthen the disempowered sections of society, while creating a bridge to self reliance, and serving as an inspiration for the wider community. The focus has been on providing education, empowerment and mental health counselling to women and children, who have been the worst victims of the conflict, as well as relief and rehabilitation to various sections of society challenged by physical disability and economic deprivation.

Major achievements

HELP Foundation has established a mental health and counselling centre to help women and children affected by the conflict. The centre has since grown into multi-facility Mental Health Institute which caters to patients of drug addiction, mental illness, and victims of domestic violence.

HELP Foundation has established a secondary school in frontier district, Kupwara and supported several primary and secondary schoold across the valley besides established an orphanage in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

Other initiatives taken by the Foundation include setting up computer training centres, Kashmir Art and Embroidery training centres, mobile training centres that provide sellable skill to downtrodens in far-flung areas, providing education and skills to visually handicapped children, and providing financial support to disadvantaged young people for further education.

The Foundation has provided widows and disadvantaged women with financial support and help them to find employment or set up businesses.

HELP Foundation has a number of projects focused on arts and culture, economic revival, education, child rights, Women empowerment, Mine Risk Education and risk reduction on Remenents of war. It organised the first ever children's film festival in Kashmir, in collaboration with the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation, at Srinagar in 2006. In view of its huge success, the film festival was repeated in 2007, with the added feature of a children's theatre festival, which was also the first of its kind. It has been decided to make these festivals an annual feature. HELP also set up of the first ever private sector library in Kashmir which unfortunately lost in floods.

The Foundation was called upon to launch a massive relief and rehabilitation efforts for the victims of October 2005 Earthquake. Relief in one form or another was provided in 300 affected villages. Twenty pre-fabricated structures were also set up for the victims in various villages. HELP emerged as largest NGO sector Relief Provider in September 2014 Floods and provided relief material worth Rs. 5.5 Crores and covered morethan 14000 families directly. In the flood aftermath, HELP has been focusing on reviving kashmir through various developmental initiatives with special emphesis on Reviving Art and Culture, and Education.

Last updated: September 2014