Femmes Pour La Paix et le Developpement (FPD) Democratic Republic of the Congo

Created in 2008 and involving 15 staff, Women for Peace and Development (FPD) and its partners are trying to find a way to bring vulnerable women and victims of violence in eastern DR Congo together to form associations, with the aim of helping them to overcome trauma, helping them spiritually and materially for their self-development.

The organisation's activities involve seminars, training and conferences, which aim to educate participants about peace and evangelisation, in order to support the women directly affected by the region's different conflicts. FPD works in close collaboration with the Evangelical Missionary Church of Congo, and is funded by contributions from members and profits from a chicken-rearing project. It is currently working to develop further its chicken rearing project so that it generates enough profit to sustain the organisation overall, ensuring its increased mobility and outreach. It is also working no a cutting and sewing to help support its beneficiaries.

Last updated: August 2015