CHIRO-Burundi Burundi

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Address: Gitega , Mushasha Quarter
Phone: +257 22 40 43 51 / +257 79 962 097

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Founded in 1953, CHIRO-Burundi is one of the oldest organisations working to educate and support young people in Burundi. Through its mission, CHIRO-Burundi contributes to the promotion of civic values ​​of peace, solidarity and human development through training, community work and recreational activities.

CHIRO-BURUNDI has recently conducted activities such as:

  • An annual camp for young people in every province of Burundi.
  • Cultural Peace Caravans at the national level.
  • Capacity building for local structures on peace and conflict issues in the Buyengero and Mabanda Communes.
  • Construction of rural roads.
  • Solidarity activities with vulnerable people in different areas and parishes.

Last updated: June 2014