Articles about conflict prevention

Colombia: how strong is the commitment to peace?

By Lina María Jaramillo: Colombia is six months in to a peace deal intended to end 50 years of conflict. With presidential elections due next year, the prospect of lasting peace is even more complicated than before. Lina Maria Jaramillo reports on some of the issues that have emerged since the peace deal. Read more »

Sudan needs to address racial tension to build sustainable peace

By Quscondy Abdulshafi: Discrimination against non-Arabs in Sudan is a major problem, says Quscondy Abdulshafi – and the conflict won’t end until the persecution stops. Read more »

The peacebuilding potential of folk culture in Bangladesh

By G. M. Shoeb Ahmed: G. M. Shoeb Ahmed discusses the potential of folk-based peacebuilding initiatives in Bangladesh. Read more »

The Rwandan diaspora: a vital but neglected part of post-genocide reconciliation

By Jean de Dieu Basabose: Rwanda has a large migrant and diaspora community and divisions among these groups must be included in the reconciliation process and the journey towards peace, says Jean De Dieu. Read more »

Challenges to peace in Kenya’s Mandera County: a grassroots perspective

By Philip Emase: A new report by the Mandera Peacebuilding Programme and Interpeace presents the first-hand opinions of grassroots communities across Mandera County, Kenya, exploring the impediments to peace. Read more »

Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders 2017: the global awards for local peacebuilders

By Charlotte Fraser: Tomorrow's Peacebuilders are the only global awards for local peacebuilders. Find out more and apply today. Read more »

Peace and conflict report: June 2017

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts provide their latest analysis of conflict in their areas - and what it means for peacebuilders. Read on for reports on the situation in the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Yemen. Read more »

Armed peace in the Gambia: the role of ECOWAS

By Tomas Serna: The need for reform of the armed forces in The Gambia is pressing - but a delicate political task. Tomas Serna discusses the Gambian security sector in light of the recent decision to extend the presence of the regional military force. Read more »

Peacewatch: Yemen - May 2017

By Anonymous: Fears are growing that a key Yemeni port will soon be targeted as part of the conflict in Yemen. Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert provides their update on the war and its consequences on the Arabian peninsula. Read more »

Women and violence in Bangladesh

By G. M. Shoeb Ahmedand Sumaya Imam Shuhcita: Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert and Sumaya Imam Shuhcita say that to solve women’s problems in Bangladesh, women must be involved. Read more »