Articles about Western Balkans

Using puppets to foster peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Alizée Gau: Prejudice among schoolchildren in Bosnia and Herzegovina may be even greater now than before the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. Alizée Gau reports. Read more »

Trump in the White House: where next for the President and peacebuilding?

By Kevin McCann: Donald Trump has been elected as the new American president. Before the results came in, we asked our Local Peacebuilding Experts what they wanted to see from the incoming administration. Read more »

Educational reform in divided societies: Northern Ireland and Bosnia

By Karen Murphy: Karen Murphy looks at how education can help victims overcome human rights violations around the world. Read more »

Humanity on the move: the global refugee crisis

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts come together to discuss key issues in a new series of reports. In the second edition, they look at the problems refugees and IDPs face around the world. Read more »

Balkan Diskurs: a platform for Balkan voices

By Velma Šarić: Balkan Diskurs relaunches its website today. Editor-in-Chief Velma Šarić discusses her work training a new generation of reporters in the Balkans. Read more »

Lessons of the Balkan refugee crisis

By Mirjana Kosic: Our Local Correspondent Mirjana Kosic assesses the impact of refugee flows across the fragile Balkans. Read more »

My body, a war zone: breaking the silence surrounding sexual violence in conflict

By Balkan Diskurs: A new exhibition in Sarajevo documents the use of sexual violence as a weapon of war. Zuzana Pavelková and Leslie Woodward and report. Read more »

Bosnia’s Plenums: a missed opportunity?

By Balkan Diskurs: Protests last year were portrayed as the beginning of a ‘Bosnian spring’. George Rossetter looks at an attempted local solution to Bosnia’s problems. Read more »

One Million Bones: the road to Srebrenica

By Balkan Diskurs: The Post-Conflict Research Center is bringing 100,000 bones to the site of the Srebrenica genocide. Co-founder Leslie Woodward discusses the project. Read more »

Mothers of Srebrenica: the fight for truth and justice

By Balkan Diskurs: After 20 years, the Mothers of Srebrenica are continuing their fight for truth and justice. Read more »