Articles about Pakistan

Counter-extremism in Pakistan: success or falling short?

By Zahid Shahab Ahmed: Two years on from the development of the Pakistani government’s flagship plan to tackle terrorism, has it had any success? Zahid Ahmed discusses developments in the light of recent attacks. Read more »

Youth peace entrepreneurs in Pakistan

By Zahid Shahab Ahmed: The story of Ali Raza Khan and his organisation YES Network’s pioneering youth peace entrepreneur initiatives in Pakistan. Read more »

Waging war for peace in Pakistan

By Ashima Kaul: A new documentary goes behind the scenes at Islamabad’s Red Mosque, which has been accused of supporting extremism in Pakistan.  Read more »

Learning from an experienced peace educator in Pakistan

By Zahid Shahab Ahmed: Zahid Shahab Ahmed interviews an experienced peace educator to discover what it takes to implement a successful peace education programme in Pakistan. Read more »

Brothers in arms

By Ruairi Nolan: What can a power struggle between two brothers in Mughal India tell us about religious conflicts in today’s world? Read more »

History repeating itself? Overcoming the legacy of partition in Pakistan

By Zahid Shahab Ahmed: An interview with Anam Zakaria, a young peacebuilder overcoming prejudice, intolerance and mistrust between Pakistan and India. Read more »

The rising gap between Shias and state institutions in Pakistan

By Jaffer Abbas Mirza: With Shia mistrust of state institutions growing, what does this mean for the future of Pakistan? Read more »

Pakistan Calling: showcasing Pakistani civil society

By Insight on Conflict: Pakistan Calling is a series of films depicting Pakistani civil society attempting to tackle the country's many pressing social problems. Read more »

What is the biggest challenge facing Pakistan? An interview with Anwar Akhtar

By Insight on Conflict: An extract from an interview with Anwar Akhtar, from Pakistan Calling, a film project promoting cross cultural dialogue. Read more »

Malala, bravery and the Nobel Peace Prize

By Ruairi Nolan: Malala's remarkable bravery reminds us that we should recognise the moral good of people standing up for peace, no matter the costs. Read more »