Articles about Northern Ireland

Educational reform in divided societies: Northern Ireland and Bosnia

By Karen Murphy: Karen Murphy looks at how education can help victims overcome human rights violations around the world. Read more »

The enduring legacy of paramilitary punishment in Northern Ireland

By Alec Forss: A recent murder in Belfast highlights the continuing reach of paramilitary groups in Northern Ireland. Alec Forss discusses attempts to break the cycle of violence. Read more »

Winning the peace in Northern Ireland

By Alec Forss: Northern Ireland has made considerable progress in securing the peace after decades of violence. However, Alec Forss argues, much work remains to be done. Read more »

Trading places: capturing the reality of cross border conflict

By Conor McGale: Northern Ireland: a new project uses film to document life during The Troubles Read more »

Local zones of peace: communities withdrawing from conflict

By Ruairi Nolan: Landon E. Hancock speaks to Insight to Conflict about the role local Zones of Peace can, and have, played in building peace. Read more »

Peacebuilding through community-based NGOs: paradoxes and possibilities

By Ruairi Nolan: Peacebuilding Through Community-based NGOs looks at the peacebuilding potential of civil society.The authors speak with Insight on Conflict. Read more »

The Window in the Wall

By Ruairi Nolan: A new documentary is planned about the ‘Peace Walls’ in Northern Ireland, and how people are creating opportunities for reconciliation Read more »

Measuring Peace in Northern Ireland

By Paul Nolan: Northern Ireland has made much progress since the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement of 1998, but occasional outbreaks of violence recur. New initiatives, such as the Northern Ireland Peace Monitoring Survey, are needed in Northern Ireland to better analyse the peace process. Read more »

Ireland: the inside track on making peace

By Rt Hon George Howarth MP: Read more »

INCORE Peacebuilding Summer School

By Ruairi Nolan: INCORE are still accepting applications for their 11th annual summer school, which this year will take place June 7th-11th Read more »