Articles about Burkina Faso

Who guards the guardians in Burkina Faso?

By Boris Somé: Civil society has played a key role in Burkina Faso’s transition to democracy. But independent organisations must stay independent for real change Read more »

Will they, won't they? Africa's third-term presidents

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts come together to discuss key issues in a new series of reports. Read more »

Military coup in Burkina Faso: report from the ground

By Boris Somé: Peace Direct's Local Correspondent for Burkina Faso, Boris Some, reports from the ground on the military coup Read more »

Just getting on with it: a Burkinabé attitude to change

By Lise Østergaard: Lise Rosendal Østergaard argues that a national sense of pragmatism helped prevent violence after the removal of Burkina Faso's president last year. Read more »

The changing of the guard: Burkinabé civil society says no to coup by stealth

By Boris Somé: Boris Somé reports on political drama and the role civil society is playing in ensuring a peaceful democratic transition in Burkina Faso Read more »

Civil conflict, civil society: a history of political and social change in Burkina Faso

By Herman J. Cohen: Herman J. Cohen gives an overview of Burkinabé history and the role that civil society has played in recent years. Read more »

Politics, protest, peace: preparing for elections in Burkina Faso

By Boris Somé: Boris Somé discusses an initiative being developed to ensure a peaceful general election in Burkina Faso next year. Read more »

Back to the future in Burkina Faso

By Boris Somé: Boris Somé introduces Insight on Conflict’s new Burkina Faso section. Read more »