Humanity on the move: the global refugee crisis

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts come together to discuss key issues in a new series of reports. In the second edition, they look at the problems refugees and IDPs face around the world. Read more »

Colombia’s peace plebiscite: the ‘Yes’ movement

By Lina María Jaramillo: On 2 October 2016, peace agreements worked out through years of negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC guerilla group will be endorsed or rejected through a public vote. Read more »

The Rohingya crisis: a view from Bangladesh

By Bangladesh Peacebuilding Expertand Fazle Elahi: Fazle Elahi and Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert discuss the situation of the Rohingya in Bangladesh. Read more »

September 2016

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on dialogue in atrocity prevention, M&E for arts-based peacebuilding, and more. Read more »

Kenya: raising local voices for peace in Mandera County

By Philip Emase: A new peacebuilding programme in Kenya ensures local populations are in the driving seat when identifying impediments to peace and possible solutions. Read more »

Senegal’s southern conflict: forgotten but not gone

By Tomas Serna: The conflict in Senegal rumbles on, unnoticed by most of the world and apparently unimportant to the Senegalese government. But citizens in Casamance continue to suffer. Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert Tomás Serna Salichs reports on how locals are trying to forge their own peace process to end a forty-year war. Read more »

A northern knot: untangling local peacebuilding politics in Mali

By Yvan Guichaoua: The conflict in northern Mali has now lasted more than four years. Recently returned from a research trip to the Sahel, Yvan Guichaoua says that until local political processes connect to the bigger picture, peace will remain elusive. Read more »

A portrait of war: returning home to Yemen

By Ahmed Hezam Al-Yemeni: Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert for Yemen is Ahmed Al-Yemeni. He recently returned home after 12 months abroad. In this harrowing dispatch, he describes the trail of devastation he followed, all the way to his family village. Read more »

On the eve of a peace agreement: reflecting on Colombia and Northern Ireland

By Alana Poole: Although ideologically and politically different, Northern Ireland has been influential in the Colombian peace process in a number of ways. As a final peace deal comes closer to reality, Alana Poole reflects on lessons that can be learned from the two conflicts. Read more »

Peace in Colombia: it lies in our hands

By Lina María Jaramillo: The 24 August will go down in history as the day when peace talks at Havana were closed, and an agreement between FARC and the Colombian government found. Read more »