Zimbabwe Peace Exchange - call for applicants

By Kevin McCann: Call for applicants: the Zimbabwe Peace Exchange aims to bring together a diverse group of civil society organisations from across Zimbabwe to share knowledge, experience and lessons, and explore opportunities for collaboration. Read more »

Humanity on the move: the global refugee crisis

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts come together to discuss key issues in a new series of reports. In the second edition, they look at the problems refugees and IDPs face around the world. Read more »

Religion in mediation: a different perspective?

By Simon Masonand Jean-Nicolas Bitter: Dispute resolution is a tricky business. How can mediators draw on religion, which is key to many communities, in training negotiators? Read more »

The role of women in Countering Violence Extremism: the Nigerian experience with Boko Haram

By Idayat Hassan: Little attention has been paid to the role of women in the Boko Haram insurgency and responses to it in Nigeria, says Idayat Hassan. Read more »

Crime, violence and extremism in Bangladesh: how to rebuild society?

By Bangladesh Peacebuilding Expert: Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert discusses the need for civil society and government to work together to tackle violence in Bangladesh. Read more »

El Avispero: the civil society network promoting peace in Colombia

By Lina María Jaramillo: The promise of peace in Colombia has led to the increased activism of young people, who through technology are promoting local change and peacebuilding, says Lina Maria Jaramillo. Read more »

Call for applications: Identifing peacebuilding approaches to countering violent extremism

By Joel Gabri: This April Peace Direct is hosting a collaborative research project to bring together experts and practitioners to share best practices and develop new approaches in countering violent extremism. Read more »

March 2017

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on violent extremism in Kenya, local governance in Syria, and more. Read more »

Peacewatch: Yemen - March 2017

By Anonymous: The war in Yemen is now almost two years old. With no sign of it coming to an end, Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert in the country provides their latest update on key aspects of the conflict. Read more »

The Nigerian rumour mill: a nation under siege?

By Wale Adeboye: The distinction between freedom of expression and hate speech in Nigeria is blurred. The country is under siege from rumours and disinformation, says Wale Adeboye. Read more »