Zimbabwe Peace Exchange - call for applicants

By Kevin McCann: Call for applicants: the Zimbabwe Peace Exchange aims to bring together a diverse group of civil society organisations from across Zimbabwe to share knowledge, experience and lessons, and explore opportunities for collaboration. Read more »

Humanity on the move: the global refugee crisis

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts come together to discuss key issues in a new series of reports. In the second edition, they look at the problems refugees and IDPs face around the world. Read more »

Call for applicants: strengthening policy and practice in peacebuilding

By Charlotte Fraser: Peacebuilders: join us in Nairobi from 9-13 October 2017 to strengthen your skills in conflict management. Read more »

Peacewatch: Yemen - May 2017

By Anonymous: Fears are growing that a key Yemeni port will soon be targeted as part of the conflict in Yemen. Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert provides their update on the war and its consequences on the Arabian peninsula. Read more »

May 2017

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on peacebuilder perceptions of Boko Haram, defining 'sustaining peace' and more. Read more »

Nepal: the uphill struggle for justice

By Ambika Pokhrel: A year into Nepal's Truth Commissions, changing governments and resistance from top-ranking officials continues to frustrate the path to peace. Read more »

Women and violence in Bangladesh

By G. M. Shoeb Ahmedand Sumaya Imam Shuhcita: Insight on Conflict’s Bangladesh Local Peacebuilding Expert and Sumaya Imam Shuhcita say that to solve women’s problems in Bangladesh, women must be involved. Read more »

Pulling the trigger: police brutality in Sierra Leone?

By Abdul Brima: The killing of two people at a protest last year has launched a debate about the tactics of the police in Sierra Leone. Abdul Brima spoke to civil society and the police about how to keep the peace. Read more »

Peacewatch: Yemen - April 2017

By Anonymous: Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert in Yemen spoke to local peace workers for an update on he conflict in their country. Read more »

What does a mapping exercise in South Sudan reveal about local peacebuilding efforts?

By Joel Gabri: Local conflicts have a long history in Unity State, South Sudan, but so do local means of resolving them. Read more »