The legacy of Ebola in Sierra Leone - a country at risk?

By Abdul Brima: The 2014 outbreak of Ebola – the worst in history – saw almost 4,000 people killed in Sierra Leone. Abdul Brima discusses the consequences. Read more »

Local elections: a step for strengthening democracy in Nepal?

By Ambika Pokhrel: The last time local elections took place in Nepal was 20 years ago. But now the path to democracy is being frustrated by strikes and election boycotts. Ambika Pokhrel reports. Read more »

Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders 2017: the global awards for local peacebuilders

By Charlotte Fraser: Tomorrow's Peacebuilders are the only global awards for local peacebuilders. Find out more and apply today. Read more »

The disappeared of Lebanon: the unfinished story of a finished war

By Sawssan Abou-Zahr: The people that disappeared during Lebanon’s civil war have haunted the country for years. But what have the authorities done to help? Read more »

July 2017

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on conflict sensitivity in transitional justice, the impact of conflict on livelihoods, and more. Read more »

Mapping hope in the Israel-Palestine conflict

By Allen Hester: Two graduate researchers have launched an ambitious project to map levels of hope (or hopelessness) for peace in the Israel-Palestine conflict. Read more »

Peace and conflict report: June 2017

By Kevin McCann: Peace Direct's Local Peacebuilding Experts provide their latest analysis of conflict in their areas - and what it means for peacebuilders. Read on for reports on the situation in the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Yemen. Read more »

Armed peace in the Gambia: the role of ECOWAS

By Tomas Serna: The need for reform of the armed forces in The Gambia is pressing - but a delicate political task. Tomas Serna discusses the Gambian security sector in light of the recent decision to extend the presence of the regional military force. Read more »

Call for applicants: strengthening policy and practice in peacebuilding

By Charlotte Fraser: Peacebuilders: join us in Nairobi from 9-13 October 2017 to strengthen your skills in conflict management. Read more »

Peacewatch: Yemen - May 2017

By Anonymous: Fears are growing that a key Yemeni port will soon be targeted as part of the conflict in Yemen. Peace Direct’s Local Peacebuilding Expert provides their update on the war and its consequences on the Arabian peninsula. Read more »