The legacy of Ebola in Sierra Leone - a country at risk?

By Abdul Brima: The 2014 outbreak of Ebola – the worst in history – saw almost 4,000 people killed in Sierra Leone. Abdul Brima discusses the consequences. Read more »

Understanding violent extremism: the key connections

By Christine Mutisya: Are there common elements to different violent extremist groups? Christine Mutisya looks at key factors that lead people to conflict and what steps could be taken to counter violent extremism. Read more »

The dead and unaccounted for: landslide and flooding in Sierra Leone

By Abdul Brima: Sierra Leoneans will not forget August 14, 2017. Flash floods and a mudslide left an estimated 500 people dead. Hundreds are feared missing and thousands are homeless. The stakes for conflict are high as citizens seek answers to questions of better urban housing facilities and functional land policies. Read more »

September 2017

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on local peacebuilding in Kashmir, female foreign fighters in ISIS, and more. Read more »

Refugees and the media in Lebanon

By Sawssan Abou-Zahr: A poisonous attitude has emerged among the media reporting on the refugee crisis in Lebanon, says Sawssan Abou-Zahr. Bias and racism are being used to blame domestic problems on those fleeing war – and distracting from the real issues. Read more »

Colombia: how strong is the commitment to peace?

By Lina María Jaramillo: Colombia is six months in to a peace deal intended to end 50 years of conflict. With presidential elections due next year, the prospect of lasting peace is even more complicated than before. Lina Maria Jaramillo reports on some of the issues that have emerged since the peace deal. Read more »

Sudan needs to address racial tension to build sustainable peace

By Quscondy Abdulshafi: Discrimination against non-Arabs in Sudan is a major problem, says Quscondy Abdulshafi – and the conflict won’t end until the persecution stops. Read more »

The peacebuilding potential of folk culture in Bangladesh

By G. M. Shoeb Ahmed: G. M. Shoeb Ahmed discusses the potential of folk-based peacebuilding initiatives in Bangladesh. Read more »

The Rwandan diaspora: a vital but neglected part of post-genocide reconciliation

By Jean de Dieu Basabose: Rwanda has a large migrant and diaspora community and divisions among these groups must be included in the reconciliation process and the journey towards peace, says Jean De Dieu. Read more »

Darfur Students protests against discriminatory measures from Bakht Alrida University

By Quscondy Abdulshafi: In July 2017, students from Bakht Al-Ruda University resigned in protest against what they described as racist and discriminatory policies. Quscondy Abdulshafi provides his thoughts on the situation. Read more »