Regional Peace Initiative Network (ReMI) Western Balkans

The Regional Peace Initiative Network (ReMI) is a network of organisations working in reconciliation, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, and activities aimed at improving the quality of life of marginalised social groups.

ReMI seeks to develop a culture of peace, dialogue, non-violence. The network hopes to aceive this by acting as a resource centre and enabling joint action between member oganisations, taking advantage of each others strengths and areas of specific focus.

Members of the network include:

  • Ekološko društvo ‘Ekologika’, Derventa
  • Humanitarna organizacija ‘Merhamet’, Doboj
  • pax christi, Derventa
  • Tolerancijom protiv različitosti ‘ToPeeR’, Doboj
  • UGM ‘Šesto Čulo’, Doboj
  • Udruženja građana za zdrav život i ekologiju svijesti, Šamac
  • UG ‘Primanatura’, Doboj
  • UG ‘Sunce’, Derventa
  • Udruženje žena, Derventa

The network implement a variety of activites, such as organising public debates, exhibition of religious artifacts, and developing partnership between religious communities.