Pax Christi Aachen Western Balkans

Pax Christi International is a catholic peace movement working on a global scale on wide issues in the fields of human rights, human security, non-violence, demilitarisation, just world order, interreligious dialogue, youthwork and non-violent conflict resolution.

Since 2007, Pax christi Aachen (Germany) with an office in Derventa, in cooperation with ForumZFD (civil peace service) and as part of its Western Balkans program, have implemented the ‘Development of structures for cooperation and dialogue’ project. The project aims to mitigate social and ethnic segregation in Derventa region, as well as to contribute to the creation of structures of civil society that serves the promotion of peace through cooperation, dialogue and reconciliation. The following areas are at the centre of their objectives:

  1. Strengthening civil society through:
    1. Research resources and needs in order to activate the community
    2. Support for the upcoming initiatives and empowerment
    3. Networking
  2. Dealing with the past through:
    1. Creating the conditions for open dialogue, exchange experiences, opinions, ideas
    2. Studying the past to create a better future
    3. Support the education and creation of self-help groups for war veterans
    4. Promotion of the concept KUVI (konstruktivna upotreba veteranska iskustva): Dialogues between youth and war veterans
    5. Collecting and publication of the brochure ‘Naša životna priča’ (My life story)
  3. Education through:
    1. The development of own skills and improve knowledge on the subject
    2. Communications
    3. Conflict resolution
    4. Strengthening of personal identity
    5. Capacity building, teamwork and interculturality
    6. International youth-encounters
  4. Interreligious dialogue through:
    1. Strengthening of peacekeeping resources contained in all religious beliefs
    2. Public roundtables with all religious representatives of Derventa and Doboj
    3. Visits of the Houses of God with young students of Derventa
    4. Publication and promotion of the brochure ‘Dani otvorenih vrata vjerskih zajednica u Derventi.’