Center for Tolerance and Integration of Southern Serbia (CTI-JS) Western Balkans

The Center for Tolerance and Integration of Southern Serbia (CTI-JS) works to promote tolerance, mutual recognition, integration and education of citizens of all ages and ethnicities in South Serbia. CTI-JS aims to contribute to building a democratic consciousness, particularly through the promotion of civil society and democratic values, and the protection of human and minority rights.

One of the main long-term objectives of CTI-JS is to build and develop the capacities of local communities and to equip them with skills and knowledge which would allow them to fight against corruption and organised crime, and ultimately lead to an improvement in their day-to-day lives.

CTI-JS works closely with universities, professional associations and those national and international organisations which advocate the development of democratic social relations and support activities contributing to tolerance, non-violent conflict resolution, inter-ethnic and inter-faith cooperation, democratic education and strengthening of democratic society. In-line with its mission of advocating an open civil society, CTI-JS publishes books and other scientific and technical publications, organises seminars and other forms of vocational education. CTI-JS has significant partnerships with civil society organisations, public institutions and media outlets.