Centre For Education Travnik (CET) Western Balkans

The Centre for Education Travnik (CET) runs programmes of youth work in conflict damaged communities. Their driving goals are to widen the possibilities for youth and to motivate them into taking responsibility for their communities. They have managed to implement many projects in the region which have created multi-ethnic groups of young people who are willing to rise above their religious and ethnic differences to work together to better their communities.

In an effort to create more neutral places for children and youth from all ethnicities to interact, CET has promoted a number of activities which aim to attract youth – such as dance and music festivals, with the goal of educating through entertainment.

Youth Leadership and Development

In 1998, believing that the best way of conflict resolution and peacebuilding is to create peace within the heart of the conflict, CET began training young activists from across Bosnia-Herzegovina as certified youth workers who will have the skills to lead peacebuilding projects across the country. The participants on the course were young people from conflict areas, from different cities and ethnicities. CET’s long-term aim is to educate hundreds of youth activists from across Bosnia-Herzegovina to become certified youth workers, who will include themselves in various peacebuilding initiatives all over the country. The two-year course has been designed by professional social workers and youth workers and is certificated by Jönköping University (Sweden) as a professional degree.

Breakdance Tournament

Through volunteer workshops, local youth from the ethnically divided municipality of Vitez in central Bosnia came together to organise music and dance events. CET were the first organisation to hold this sort of public event, built around a multi-ethnic organisation team, in a municipality well known for its hard and deep political and national segregation.

Youth Festival

Each year since 2003, CET has organised a music festival in the municipality of Turbe, central Bosnia. In a region which was devastated during the war and is still deeply divided, this annual festival brings local young people together through a shared love of music. In a region where there is still open segregation in schools, this public festival brings young people from these divided communities and ethnic groups together in a neutral environment, learning valuable lessons of mutual respect to take back to their own communities.