Since 2001, the growth of domestic Islamist terrorism become the biggest security threat to Pakistan, although a range of other internal security threats are still present, due to enduring problems with sectarianism, religious extremism, drug and weapon smuggling, and violent ethnic and religious disputes.

The government is playing its role in addressing many of the security threats and conflicts faced by Pakistan but the role of civil society has been crucial. Some local and international NGOs and think-tanks have been executing projects to promote inter-faith harmony, women rights, and peacebuilding within Pakistan. Many groups also focus on regional issues such as relations between India and Pakistan, including with several “track II” initiatives. As such, the innovativeness of Pakistani civil society peacebuilding can be seen at both national and grassroots levels.

We believe that there are lessons from civil society organisations in Pakistan for peacebuilders around the world. With this intention Insight on Conflict has decided to showcase stories of peacebuilding from Pakistan. The country is often known for terrorism, extremism, violence and conflict, but there is the other side to the country, with passionate peacebuilders actively working for the cause of peace and non-violence.

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Stories from Pakistan

Peacebuilding organisations in Pakistan

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