Youth Initiative (YI) Nepal

Youth Initiative (YI) is youth-led organisation working to empower young people in Nepal. YI is one of the leading Nepali youth organisations working in the field of youth empowerment, strengthening of student and youth politics, promotion and practice of civic engagement, democratization, peace and human rights.

The organisation sees their work divided into three areas:

  • Inform young people about the global, national and local issues and concerns that affect their everyday living.
  • Empower young people by organising them, increasing their access and control over resources and by building capacity through appropriate training, orientation and creating opportunities.
  • Involve young people by increasing youth representation in governance of all political, social and economic institutions at national and sub national level.

Civic Leadership School (CLS) programme

Civic Leadership School (CLS) is an intensive five-day residential programme for emerging Nepali youth leaders. CLS fellows go through a series of outdoor and indoor activities that challenge their physical and intellectual comfort zones. They explore the complex challenges that affect their lives and communities today, and are introduced to the tools and strategies for leadership development, peacebuilding initiatives and civic engagement and also build network with fellow young leaders.

CLS’s major objective has been to identify young leaders in their respective fields and communities, bring them together and sharpen their leadership skills, interact with each other in the field of development, government, private sector and develop networks that will promote lifelong community involvement and peacebuilding.