Indreni Rural Development Centre Nepal

Key information

Address: Butwal, Rupandehi, Lumbini
Phone: +977 (0) 71 541 882

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Indreni Rural Development Centre promotes education for community empowerment, by offering training and informal education in areas such as human rights, sanitation, microcredit, and income generation. All of the centre’s work aims to raise levels of education, as they believe that people only need a little support – once they are educated, they become independent and will naturally come together for Nepal’s development.

Dalit Human Rights

This initiative works with Dalit (‘untouchable’ caste) communities, and uses education about their rights to encourage them to seek equality. 25 dalit people were trained in human rights, and asked to each conduct at least one training session themselves in their home villages. Journalism training was also provided to help marginalised people raise their views through the media. Finally, the Indreni Rural Development Centre organised campaigns such as street drama, rallies, and an inter-caste dinner to raise awareness of the need for greater equality.