Creative International Forum (CIF) Nepal

Established in 2000, Creative International Forum (CIF) is committed to protecting human rights and promoting peace and social justice in Nepal. CIF promotes peace and justice by actively involving all of civil society, carrying out activities such as training other organisations, strengthening and mobilising networks, and advocacy campaigns. In partnership with the National Peace Campaign (NPC), the CIF is currently implementing an EU-funded project to improve the ability of civil society to work for peace, and promote human rights in Nepal.


The organisation is also involved in direct mediation of local conflicts. So far, a total of thirteen cases of conflict have been resolved with the help of local mediators used by the informal partners. The resolved cases include those relating to caste discrimination, violence against women, disputes between teachers and students,  and disputes among the different communities covered by the project.


A series of social dialogues are taking place across Nepal in order to address issues such as rights of religious minorities, the rising tensions over the constitution, and state reconstruction. By including people most capable of creating change in Nepal – such as teachers, social workers and state stakeholders – CIF sees these dialogues as crucial for promoting peace and human rights.


The organisation also broadcasts a radio programme on human rights, peace and nonviolence. The programme has target communities and is broadcast from both national and local FM stations.  In order to ensure the effective outreach of the programme, listening clubs have been formed in the entire Terai region and eastern hill of Nepal.


A series of five trainings on peace, nonviolence and reconciliation have been conducted with the objective of providing knowledge and skills on nonviolence, conflict transformation, peace, and reconciliation to young politicians and civil society members working actively in the project districts. Nearly 50% of participants came from the youth wings of political parties and the remaining is represented by civil society organisations.