Centre Global Pour La Non Violence Du Maniema (CGNV-Maniema) DR Congo

Created in 2008, the Centre Global Pour La Non Violence Du Maniema (CGNV-Maniema; in English the Global Centre for Non-violence-Maniema) has 15 members of staff and helps people work together to build a society free of violence and murder, towards a new political science.

It provides support to the battle against all forms of violence, murder and injustice, and to socioeconomic development through social services and support to local productive initiatives.  The CGNV also works to fight against malnutrition, poverty and AIDS through sensitization activities.

Promotion of rights of vulnerable people, including vulnerable children, unemployed youth, young mothers, the disabled and vulnerable families identified as requiring humanitarian assistance and promotion of their rights.

Activities include:

  • Traditional training, such as in craft-making, in order to provide services according to the needs of the population of Maniema.
  • Popularisation of preventative and protective measures against human rights abuses, murder and injustices, particularly those of vulnerable people, orphans, widows, young mothers and the disabled.
  • Popularisation of HIV/AIDS prevention methods.
  • Payment for psychosocial assistance for vulnerable children (orphans and children from disadvantaged families).
  • Training workshops on non-violence, using different schools.

The CGNV is currently funded through members’ contributions, gifts and bequests. There are also grants/subsidies from financial backers. It is associated/partnered with numerous Congolese and Burundian organisations and is seeking partnership with other local and international organisations in order to reinforce its capabilities/capacities.

CGNV currently run a project called ‘Initiation to peaceful cohabitation and the defence of human rights violations’. (‘Initiation à la cohabitation pacifique et à la défense de la violation des droits humains’). Started in 2009, it aims to develop a solid team spirit from which to support good governance in terms of human rights, equality, the ceasing of violence and justice free from ethnic discrimination.