It must be possible for the people of Burundi to materially distinguish between the destructiveness of conflict and the benefits of peace. Nelson Mandela. 
Like Rwanda, its better-known neighbour to the north, Burundi has been greatly affected by violence between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups – some 300,000 people have died as a result since independence. There are signs however that the situation may be improving, and local peacebuilders have been at the centre of efforts to improve relations between groups and ensure a peaceful and better future for Burundi.

Burundi peace map 2014


Peace Direct has surveyed local peacebuilding organisations in Burundi to get a picture of the extensive work of local people to consolidate peace. This information is viewable in a unique interactive map searchable across provinces and thematic areas. View the map »

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Below are listed peacebuilding and conflict resolution organisations active in Burundi. Just click on a group’s name for further information.