Stories about Israel and The Occupied Palestinian Territories

War affects all: why peace is important to the people of Galilee

By Tori Curbelo: Tori Curbelo describes her experience volunteering in Israel-Palestine, where people continue to work for peace. Read more »

Israel and Palestine: challenging conventional peace and conflict paradigms

By Adan E. Suazo: Do we need to challenge conventional peace wisdom in order to find a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict? Read more »

Paving the way for women’s inclusion in Palestinian and Israeli peacebuilding

By Vanessa Thevathasan: How this unique organisation is giving young Israel and Palestinian women the knowledge to play an active role in building peace. Read more »

Voices of reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

By Vanessa Thevathasan: What role do grassroot civil society organisations play in helping to bring peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? Read more »

Good water neighbours in the Middle East

By Michal Milner: Michal Milner shares some of the challenges of working in a conflict zone – in this case promoting cooperation between Israelis, Jordanians, and Palestinians. Read more »

Change depends on people

By Carole Reckinger: Peacebuilders in Israel and Palestine are asked: ‘What is your motivation to work towards peace?’ Read more »

Global call to action to stop the violence in Israel-Palestine

By Kai Brand-Jacobsen: Immediate actions you can take to bring about an end to fighting and just peace for all the people of Israel-­Palestine Read more »

Israel-Palestine: The Other Voice

By Susanna Bennett: The Other Voice is one of Israel/Palestine’s most unlikely peace groups, bringing together those living on the fault line of the conflict. Read more »

Wi’am: Helping the people of Bethlehem see Stars not Bars

By Susanna Bennett: How Wia’m mediates community conflicts in Bethlehem to stop them escalating by using a traditional Arabic process of reconciliation called Sulha Read more »

Combatants for Peace tour of the UK (July 2010)

By Ruairi Nolan: Combatants for Peace will be taking part in a number of public events in the UK from 24-30 July 2010. Read more »

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