Building peace through education

By Kirthi Jayakumar: Kirthi Jayakumar shares her experience teaching English with Pax Populi, an initiative that pairs tutors from across the world with students in Afghanistan Read more »

Building peace through development in Puntland: progress and chalenges

By Osman Nuur: Osman Nur discusses peace and statebuilding in Somalia’s autonomous Puntland region. Read more »

February 2016

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on local peacebuilders in Syria, governance in Iraq and more. Read more »

Learning from an experienced peace educator in Pakistan

By Zahid Shahab Ahmed: Zahid Shahab Ahmed interviews an experienced peace educator to discover what it takes to implement a successful peace education programme in Pakistan. Read more »

Forgiveness in the aftermath of atrocities: the case of north Uganda

By Stephen Oola: Stephen Oola explains the vital role forgiveness has played in low-level post-conflict reconciliation and peacebuilding in northern Uganda. Read more »

Reintegrating former-LRA combatants after the Amnesty Act

By Stephen Oola: How successful was the reintegration of former-LRA combatants after the Uganda’s Amnesty Act in 2000? Read more »

The Amnesty Act (2000): pragmatism or forgiveness?

By Stephen Oola: What motivated the Ugandan government to offer amnesty to 26,000 former combatants? Read more »

The ICC and alternative justice in Uganda

By Stephen Oola: Is it enough for former LRA commanders to stand trial in the Hague? What about alternative forms of justice? Read more »

The mismanaged war on the LRA and the involvement of the ICC

By Stephen Oola: Why has it proved so difficult to defeat the LRA? Stephen Oola discusses the causes of conflict and peace in Uganda and beyond. Read more »

A short history of the LRA until 2015

By Stephen Oola: The LRA captured global headlines during the Kony 2012 campaign – but what has happened since? Read more »