August 2014

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s edition features articles peacebuilding evaluation, women’s access to justice in Afghanistan, and more. Read more »

Drought, food insecurity and radicalism in Northern Bangladesh

By Ishak Mia: Is there a link between drought, food insecurity and radicalism in Northern Bangladesh? Read more »

Foreign intervention or local peacebuilding in Nigeria?

By Fr. Atta Barkindo: More support is needed for local groups to build peace in Nigeria, not foreign intervention. Read more »

Civil society creates dialogue between Turkey and Armenia

By Mariah Pittman: Turkish and Armenian civil society groups have come together to work towards the normalisation of relations between the two countries. Read more »

Twenty years on, the Rwandan genocide festers across the border

By Dr Denise Bentrovato: How is the Rwandan genocide and its aftermath perceived across the border in DR Congo? Read more »

The case for Responsibility to Protect principle in Nigeria

By Michael Olufemi Sodipo: Can civil society actors in Nigeria ensure the government upholds the Responsibility to Protect resolution? Read more »

Working safely with communities: how to mitigate risks?

By Aditi Gorur: Aditi Gorur highlights the risks facing researches and participations working together in conflict-affected communities. Read more »

Nigeria: beyond the silence of guns and bombs

By Charles Kwuelum: A look into the need for the Nigerian government to have an extensive, coordinated approach to sustainable peace, and how this can be achieved. Read more »

ICTs in conflict early warning – possibilities and challenges

By Charles Martin Shields: How are organisations using communication technology for conflict early warning and prevention? Read more »

Top broadcaster joins search to find the best local peacebuilders

By Insight on Conflict: We are delighted to announce that the BBC broadcaster Bridget Kendall has joined the panel of judges for our global competition, Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders Read more »

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