A plea for peace: violence in Yemen must end

By Ahmed Hezam Al-Yemeni: Insight on Conflict’s new Local Correspondent for Yemen, Ahmed Hezam Al-Yemeni, issues a plea for peace in the wake of disturbing developments in the country. Read more »

South Sudan peace talks: the role of IGAD

By Khamis Cosmas: What is the role of IGAD in South Sudan’s peace talks? Read more »

Building bridges in Bosnia: using storytelling to close the gap between theory and practice

By Nerkez Opačin: Nerkez Opačin reports on the unique way in which Sarejavans are remembering the victims of the Bosnian war. Read more »

Demystifying the wars of the future: the past and current state of water conflicts

By Adan E. Suazo: Adan Suazo argues that conflict over water is not just an issue for the future. Read more »

Iraq’s continuing struggle with conflict pollution

By Wim Zwijnenburg: While Iraq is still recovering from the environmental impact of both Gulf wars, the current conflict with Islamic State presents new environmental problems. Read more »

Calling all conflict researchers

By Kevin McCann: Insight on Conflict is looking for volunteer researchers to help provide background information on conflict zones around the world. Read more »

Making waves in the mountains: the women’s groups fighting for a fairer future in Nepal

By Ambika Pokhrel: Ambika Pokhrel describes the dedicated but under-reported work being done by volunteer women’s organisations to foster peace in Nepal. Read more »

Speaking up: indigenous voices in the Philippines’ peace process

By Nerea Bilbatua: Nerea Bilbatua tells the story of Froilyn Mendoza, the woman chosen to represent the Teduray in the Philippines peace process. Read more »

Just getting on with it: a Burkinabé attitude to change

By Lise Østergaard: Lise Rosendal Østergaard argues that a national sense of pragmatism helped prevent violence after the removal of Burkina Faso’s president last year. Read more »

March 2015

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