Time for real democracy for Bosnia?

By Tim Bidey: Bosnia’s complicated constitutional setup is a hindrance to change. Reforming it would help the country secure its future. Read more »

Terrorism in the Sahel: fighting the enemy within, from within

By Oumarou Gado: Incorporating informal leadership structures into dialogue is vital to building peace in the Sahara Read more »

The role of social media in the South Sudan crisis

By Khamis Cosmas: To what extent did social media fuel the recent violence in South Sudan? Read more »

Revisiting resource redistribution in conflicts over water

By Adan E. Suazo: What does decreasing availability of water mean for peacebuilding? Read more »

Clans, conflicts and devolution in Mandera, Kenya

By Aden Abdi: A mixture of robust conflict management, good governance and addressing historical injustices are key to a durable solution, not just in Mandera but also across the whole of northern Kenya. Read more »

Would a peacebuilding strategy respond to Nigeria’s unanswered questions?

By Charles Kwuelum: Why Nigeria needs comprehensive strategy for building peace and reconciliation that puts local voices at the centre. Read more »

Finding peace for Nagorno-Karabakh

By Tugce Ercetin: How is peacebuilding being approached in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict? Read more »

Tossamaidan: a peaceful resolution of a Himalayan conflict

By Ashima Kaul: How local people in the Kashmir Himalayas shut down an army firing range. Read more »

October 2014

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s edition features articles on examples of locally-led development, resilience and peacebuilding, and more. Read more »

Canada as a peacemaker in action

By Gabriela Monica Lucuta: Canada’s role in developing ‘responsibility to protect’ and promoting wider inclusion of the concept in peacekeeping and peacebuilding Read more »

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