Guinea Bissau joins Insight on Conflict

By Kevin McCann: Guinea-Bissau has a turbulent past – but a vibrant peacebuilding sector means hope for the future. Insight on Conflict is now covering conflict issues there Read more »

July 2015

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on mapping EU-funded peacebuilding, traditional justice in Libya, and more. Read more »

Guinea-Bissau’s security sector: challenges and lessons

By Christoph Kohl: Christoph Kohl discusses the challenges and lessons of security sector reform in Guinea Bissau, and reflects on civil society’s contributions. Read more »

Guns in Guinea-Bissau: how to move on from military solutions to political problems

By Tomas Serna: Tomas Serna explores the legacy of the independence struggle and its continuing impact on civil-military relations in Guinea-Bissau. Read more »

Conflicts and conflict resolution in Chad

By Bouyo Séverin: Bouyo Séverin provides a dual report from Chad: on a peace training workshop in Goré, and protests over unpaid salaries that have taken place this year. Read more »

An exploration of water cooperation and intra-state violence

By Adan E. Suazo: Does international cooperation over managing water resources lead to more peace on the ground? Read more »

One Million Bones: the road to Srebrenica

By Balkan Diskurs: The Post-Conflict Research Center is bringing 100,000 bones to the site of the Srebrenica genocide. Co-founder Leslie Woodward discusses the project. Read more »

Indigenous schools: closure and militarisation?

By Rey Ty: A dispute over the use of indigenous schools by the military is threatening to delay the start of the new school year in the Philippines. Rey Ty reports. Read more »

An update on Burundi

By Burundi Local-Correspondent: Burundi continues to be rocked by violence as parliamentary and presidential elections loom closer. Peace Direct’s Local Correspondent, who is writing anonymously for security reasons, shares an update on the most recent events in the nation. Read more »

Chad: beyond the regional hegemon, a precarious regime

By Victoria Madonna: Does Chad’s role as a regional hegemon mask internal instability? And what is the role of civil society in the country? Read more »