The Balkan arms trade: a growing threat, or growing peace?

By Balkan Diskurs: Despite the drawbacks, could weapons manufacturing contribute to peace and stability in the Balkans? Read more »

Michael Brown: UN mediation expert

By Liam Stowell: Insight on Conflict talks to Michael Brown, an expert on conflicts over natural resources and a Professor of Practice in Conflict Mediation. Read more »

Guiding principles for young people’s participation in peacebuilding

By Insight on Conflict: A “youth-friendly” version of the Guiding Principles for Young People’s Participation in Peacebuilding, illustrated with paintings by refugee youth from Myanmar. Read more »

Schooling in the Sahel: promoting peace in education

By Oumarou Gado: Oumarou Gado, Insight on Conflict’s Local Correspondent in Niger, discusses how a new peacebuilding manual can train the next generation of peacebuilders. Read more »

Genocide in Rwanda: a commemoration

By Jean de Dieu Basabose: Jean de Dieu Basabose reports on the 21st anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda, as events to remember the events of 1994 begin. Read more »

The Mamasapano clash and the clamour for peace

By Rey Ty: Insight on Conflict’s new Philippines correspondent Rey Ty reports on the activists fighting for peace. Read more »

April 2015

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s Insight on Conflict newsletter features articles on Syrian civil society, community-led resilience, and more. Read more »

How to punish the perpetrators? Criminal justice in CAR

By Solène Brabant: Solène Brabant discusses the worrying lack of criminal justice in the Central African Republic. Read more »

The art of peace: Bosnia and Herzegovina

By Balkan Diskurs: How local organisations in Bosnia are using the arts to encourage reconciliation and forgiveness. Read more »

International volunteering and local peacebuilding

By Nicholas Barker: Nicholas Barker, an EVS volunteer in Georgia, discusses how international volunteers can contribute to local peacebuilding. Read more »

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