Cyprus talks re-started: will the new hopes survive the old methods?

By Yeshim Harris: Why a satisfactory and sustainable peace settlement for Cyprus needs to be based a collaboration between leaders, civil society and the wider public. Read more »

Kachin State (Myanmar) and its long road to peace

By Sandra Ivanov: An overview and background to the conflict in Kachin state, Myanmar, and what local organisations are doing to improve the situation. Read more »

Bringing a local dimension to peacekeeping

By Carolyn Hayman: Carolyn Hayman, Peace Direct Chief executive, describes Peace Direct’s role in adding a local ownership dimension to the Viking peacekeeping simulation. Read more »

The challenges of community advocacy

By Shamsa Birik: Shamsa Birik, an NGO gender officer based in Somalia and Kenya, writes candidly about the challenges she has experienced implementing development projects. Read more »

Mediation measures in West Africa

By Halima Nuhu: Halima Nuhu outlines some of the organisations working at different political levels to mediate conflicts in West Africa. Read more »

April 2014

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s edition features articles and resources on mapping peacebuilding in Burundi, civilian resilience in Syria and more. Read more »

Women, Peace and Security

By Insight on Conflict: Women, Men, and Peace. This issue explores questions of gender and peace through the first-hand realities of peacebuilders across the globe. Read more »

Mapping Burundi’s peacebuilders

By Insight on Conflict: Peace Direct has created a unique interactive map displaying the extensive work of local people to consolidate peace in Burundi. Read more »

Indigenous peoples: expanding the realm of justice

By Prabindra Shakya: Prabindra Shakya discusses the importance of including indigenous peoples in peacebuilding processes. Read more »

Soccer, security and nonviolence: a Brazilian reflection

By Luis Fernando Bravo de Barros: Luis Fernando Bravo de Barros discusses how, despite a sometimes troubled past, Brazil is drawing on a rich history of peaceful protest to bring about change. Read more »

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