South Sudan: a challenging space for civil society

By Kisuke Ndiku: The challenges facing South Sudan as the country searches for peace. Read more »

Peacebuilder nations in action

By Gabriela Monica Lucuta: Recent history of international peacebuilding and approaches to humanitarian intervention. Read more »

Our mission is to save life, not to take it

By The Syrian Civil Defense: The Syrian Civil Defence is a group of volunteer first responders saving lives in the most dangerous place on earth. Here, one of them tells his story. Read more »

Post-Conflict Research Center wins Intercultural Innovation Award

By Tim Bidey: Tim Bidey, from Post-Conflict Research Center, explains the difference that receiving the Intercultural Innovation Award will make for the organisation. Read more »

Natural resources and violence in Nigeria

By Adan E. Suazo: Is unequal access to Nigeria’s mineral wealth partly to blame for the rise of Boko Haram? Read more »

Community based sociotherapy in Rwanda: healing a post-violent conflict society

By Jean de Dieu Basabose: How “community based sociotherapy” is being used to heal the wounds of the past and build social cohesion in Rwanda. Read more »

September 2014

By Monthly Newsletter: This month’s edition features articles local ownership of Security Sector Reform, reintegration of LRA abductees, and more. Read more »

Talking peace in Nepal

By Subindra Bogati: The state of peace talks between the Nepalese government and the countries many small armed groups. Read more »

Malala and the missing Nigerian girls

By Fr. Justine John Dyikuk: Fr. Justine John Dyikuk asks if Malala Yousafzai’s visit to Nigeria will make any difference to the search for the 300 girls kidnapped by Boko Haram. Read more »

Israel and Palestine: challenging conventional peace and conflict paradigms

By Adan E. Suazo: Do we need to challenge conventional peace wisdom in order to find a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict? Read more »

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