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Insight on Conflict is published by Peace Direct as a resource on local peacebuilding around the world.

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Browse our listings of almost 1,000 peacebuilding organisations across 31 different conflict-affected regions.

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Our blog is updated twice a week with articles on peacebuilding from our correspondents and guest contributors.

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Our newsletters can keep you updated on the latest new research on peacebuilding, and we have background information on conflict issues with guides for further research.

About Peace Direct

We believe that local people have the power to find their own solutions to conflict. Our mission is to help them to make this happen.Peace Direct was born out of a passion to provide local peacebuilders, often risking their lives on the front line of conflict, with the resources they need to carry out their work. But Peace Direct’s own contribution will always be limited. In addition to what we can do on our own, we also need to shift the balance of power and resources in the wider world – towards those who have the deep local knowledge of a conflict and its causes, the moral authority to challenge people to change, and the long-term commitment to fight for peace.

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Peace Direct is reliant on donations to support local peacebuilders. Please consider making a donation to support peacebuilders around the world.

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Peace Direct runs this website as a free resource for anyone interested in the work of civil society and peacebuilders in parts of the world affected by conflict. We want to keep this resource free, but do need to raise funds to cover the costs of hosting the site and having a network of Local Correspondents. If you have found Insight on Conflict to be useful. Please help us to keep the show on the road by making a donation.

Our team

Insight on Conflict is published by Peace Direct. We have three staff members working on Insight on Conflict, plus a team of Local Correspondents reporting on local peacebuilding from around the world.

Programme Manager: Ruairi Nolan

Ruairi Nolan oversees overall management of Insight on Conflict, including coordinating the Tomorrow’s Peacebuilders competition. Ruairi also manages relationships with Peace Direct’s partner organisations in Asia. He has an MSc in Latin American Studies and has worked in rural development in Central America, at Irish Aid and at the UNESCO Centre at the University of Ulster. Contact: ruairi@peacedirect.org

Website Editor: Joel Gabri

Joel handles the day-to-day running of both the Peace Direct site and Insight on Conflict. He has a degree in Peace & Conflict Studies and Politics, with his final year dissertation focusing on how the Internet can be used to promote and assist conflict resolution. Contact: joel@peacedirect.org

Project Manager: Kevin McCann

Kevin is responsible for research on Insight on Conflict – identifying and profiling local organisations working in conflict zones around the world. With experience in political media and of working in several different countries, he joined Peace Direct after completing an MA in International Security at Sussex University, where he focused on the security politics of the Sahel. Contact: kevin@peacedirect.org

Local Correspondents

In order to maintain accurate information on peacebuilding around the world, we have a team of Local Correspondents around the world. Our Local Correspondents provide expertise in the issues affecting their regions and also research and prepare the profiles on the organisations featured on this site. To contact any Local Correspondent, please email info@insightonconflict.org and let us know how we can help.